I have a passion for sharing what I’m learning with others.

Janet Salazar Speaking

My presentations inspire hearers to deepen their relationship with God and apply the stories and teachings from scripture to their lives today.

I have presented at many churches throughout Texas, Central California, and Portland Oregon.  I have also served as a speaker at Women’s Retreats, prayer groups, and other special activities.

Speaking Topics

Prayer and Bible Study

Do your prayers feel scatterbrained? Do you struggle to get anything relevant for your life out of reading the Bible? Do you wish you could hear from God more?

This seminar is for you.  Learn how to stay focused during prayer. Pick up some tools to make your Bible reading meaningful.  Learn to discern God’s still small voice and develop an authentic, personal relationship with God.

Sample of Topics Covered
  1. Daily prayer and Bible study are not optional.
  2. Practical tips and tools to stay focused during personal prayer time.
  3. Practical tips and tools to turn Bible reading into communion with God.
  4. Identifying and circumventing the distractions that steal your devotional time.


Faith vs. Feeling

What is Faith?  Is it a feeling? How do I get it?  How do I increase it? How do I overcome the doubts?

If you identify with any of these questions, this seminar is for you.  Discover what faith is and what it isn’t.  Learn tools to help increase your faith.  Discover how to use the Bible to defeat your doubts and pray effectively.

Sample of Topics covered.
  1. What is Faith? – An in-depth study of Hebrews chapter 11 to define what faith is and is not.
  2. Three Foundational Principles for Nurturing Faith – Combined with my personal testimony.
  3. Exercising Faith – The ABGTs of Prayer.
  4. Faith Under Pressure – How to Maintain Your Faith in the Thick of Battle.


Surprising lessons from Bible Stories.  Examples:

  • Jephthah – Is all scripture good for instruction in righteousness?  Even the story of an Israelite bandit chieftain who offers his daughter as a sacrifice to the God who forbade that very thing?
  • God’s Unconditional Love Transforms – Jesus’ unconditional love for the Samaritan woman transformed her into a powerful witness for God.  Janet shares how to internalize God’s love and allow it to transform you too.
  • David and Bathsheba – How the stronghold of guilt caused havoc in David’s house. Practical steps you can take to tear down the stronghold of guilt in your life and walk in the freedom of God’s forgiveness.


Other topics of your choice:

We can discuss your specific need and develop a topic specifically for your event.


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