A Season to Learn

For everything there is a season,  a time for every activity under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1


What season are you in … in life and spiritually?  Are you in transition? Are you growing?  Do you feel stagnant?  Need to make a change? In a learning season?


Do you need some inspiration, a good story, some tips and tools for improving your devotional time, or a good book to read,  click on a category below to read relevant blogs.


Back to Basics – Tips and tools for effective prayer and Bible study.


Inspirational blogs on a variety of topics.


Stories from the first 5 chapters of the Gospel of John


Lessons from the first 5 chapters of the Gospel of John


Book Recommendations


What season am I in?


A season of concentrated learning.


I am learning a lot about writing while editing my book on the nativity.  I am taking several courses on blogging in order to increase the effectiveness of my blog. As well as preparing material for upcoming speaking appointments.


When I know what I am doing and how to better serve you, my readers, I will start up again.


See you then.


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